These next facts are a continuation of our problem, the core of it really. This group of people are even more mistreated than women . That, or equal, depending on the place. I found these on multiple sites around the web. These also only apply to the States.

  1. Out of 636 healthcare companies, only 207 cover transgender employees

  2. About 41% of transgender people have at one point attempted suicide

  3. 19% of transgender individuals have experienced some kind of abuse from their family

  4. Only 18 states have clear laws protecting transgenders

  5. Around 26% of transgender people have lost their job due to their identity

  6. Another 50% have admitted to being harrassed in the workplace

Just reading these make my heart hurt because these are people , like you and me. So what if we're not all the same? We're all people. We all deserve acceptance. Our trans friends are undergoing such abuse, verbal and physical. More people who know about these injustices, the farther we'll get in stopping them.